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Off grid living – Power Generation and Energy Systems

Interesting facts for solar energy There are many reasons to go solar; but the most common reason is to reduce your carbon footprint and cut energy costs. Solar energy produces no pollution, has no detrimental environmental effects, and is ecologically … Continue reading

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Mini Fridge for Off Grid

Mini Fridge for Off Grid We have a little cabin off grid and for the most part we don’t really need to use a fridge, but we have installed a small solar system for things like this. I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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Solar Panels for Cabin

A solar panel for the Small Cabin Off Grid Solar System This has been great!  We put up a 200 watt solar panel and attached that to a 200 watt inverter with two plug ins.  Now we have power! Solar … Continue reading

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Tesla Off Grid Generator

Tesla Off Grid Generator A Tesla generator is a device that transforms the Sun’s radiant (electromagnetic energy) into power, electric power that will help to power your home. More and more people are turning to renewable energy sources and becoming more … Continue reading

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Solar Power Kits

How to go off grid and disappear?  Don’t we all think of that at times?  Here is some information on Solar Power to get you started: The Decision to go Off the Grid  

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Off Grid Lighting

Off Grid Lighting Ideas Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered LED Shed Light with Remote Control, Black Finish I purchased this light from Amazon and must say it works better than I ever imagined.  I thought it would give us … Continue reading

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Off the Grid Lighting

Off Grid lighting Ideas Time to look at some off the grid lighting as the cabin is getting closer to becoming a guest room.  The generator has been there while we have been working, so it has not been to … Continue reading

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