Our Country Bathroom Outhouse – time to start adding decor

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If you have read my last post about the old outhouse, your would probably be surprise to see this thing in one piece.  Here it is sitting in it’s new place with a new roof.  The roof is actually supplies left over from when we re-roofed the small cabin.

Every scrap of material gets used around here.  Nothing goes to waste if we can help it.

The inside of this outhouse had seen better days for sure, so it needs a little sprucing up.  I still have some painting to do when the weather warms up, but we did manage to get some linoleum in and the toilet seat.

The linoleum is left over from the bathroom in our house.  No money has been spent on this project so far.  Just left over materials and some elbow grease.

This outhouse didn’t look like anything i’d be going into, I was surprise at how well it looked after Nathan fixed it up.





It is amazing what a little elbow grease, some plywood and  left over lino can do for an old outhouse.

It doesn’t look to bad now and once I get a coat of paint and a shelf in there to put towels and maybe a vase of flowers,  It will look way better.





and here is the finished product to date.  Looking way better for sure.  I am thinking of planting some flowers outside the building and will put a solar light outside as well as inside to make it easier to find during the night.

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