And we have done it! Gone Off Grid

Moving Off-Grid

Well, the day finally came.  We sold our big house we built 10 years ago (4000 sq ft)  You can imagine what we collected over the years, so we sold a lot of things, gave lots away and packed what was left into 1 1/2 containers and had them moved them out to the off-grid property.

Setting up in the travel trailer

Thankfully we have a decent size travel trailer, which we stayed in while building the house we just sold.  So back to trailer living for a while.  It’s not too bad as long as we can be finished by winter.  The trailer is 25′ long with a pull out so we do have a bit of room, not too cramped.

The trailer was moved up to the property and is now our home while working on our little house which is about 480 sq ft.  there will also be a loft about 180 sq ft which will be my office but for sure a lot smaller than what we had.

It has been interesting the last few months, to say the least.  With coronavirus shutting so many countries down, it has been a challenge to find some of the building supplies we needed.

Putting up the Solar Panels

As an example, we ordered our solar panels, batteries, and components 2 months ago.  We have the solar panels and batteries but are still waiting for the rest of them.  Soon………

Lucky we have a well on the property so are hooking up to that for water, and existing septic.  The latest problem and there have been a few lol.  Is the backhoe digging the trench just broke down.  Hopefully, it will be repaired by the weekend and back up running.

We are both working our regular jobs which are now an hour’s drive each day, coming home and working here.  We have a generator and the trailer which has been wonderful.

Mosquito Season….me or them?

When we first moved up at the end of May the mosquitos were horrendous.  I didn’t think I would survive up here, but with lots of research, we bought some great mosquito deterrents which made it a little more liveable.  Now a few months later and hot weather they are not so bad and when they do come out we put out our Thermocells and all is good.

The travel trailer has a shower and I’m a bath kinda person, so the tub that will be going in the little house (came out of the old cabin) was set out on some plywood and I prettied up the area and now am able to have a bath.  It isn’t as easy as running the hot and cold water but it sure feels good after a day of painting, building, or digging.  We have two barrels painted black that sit out in the sun and warm the water.  Works pretty well, although some days I do have to rob some hot water from the travel trailer.

TV Night Off-Grid

Another thing we do is have a TV night.  We take our big TV and put it outside on a stainless table that Scott made for our BBQ and plug into the generator, sit back with a cold beer and some snacks, and the Thermocells going and enjoy a movie outside.  I am really beginning to enjoy this.  There is something nice about being out in the fresh air watching a movie, maybe reminds me of my younger years when we used to go to the drive-in.  I don’t know, but I sure do love movie night.

The Vegetable Garden

In the couple months, we have been out here, we have a wonderful vegetable garden planted which we are now feasting on fresh chard, zucchini, tomatoes, and peas.  With lots of other things still growing garlic, squash, beans, dill, carrots and I’m sure a few more things I have forgotten.

Solar panels up  

The solar panels are up and the batteries in their place as well as the ditch dug and wire placed in to go from the solar panels to the electrical room.   The water line is dug and water hooked up, and sewer well the backhoe issue has staled that project, but I’m pretty impressed with what has gotten done so far especially since we have both been working our day jobs too.

Speaking of those day jobs…..ugh well I think it may be time to retire soon.  Once most of the building supplies are taken care of, some serious thought will have to go into that…retirement.  Hmmm sounds good.  Just stay on the acreage and look after things here.  That sounds a lot better than driving 30-40 minutes on dirt roads and then another 30 or so to town.


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Firewood Log Splitter

All You Need to Know About Types of Log Splitters

What Is a Log Splitter, To Begin with?

To a beginner, all log splitters can appear the same. However, there are several types of this essential tool – a log splitter can be manual, electrical, or gas-powered. A log splitter takes away the physical chore of splitting firewood with an axe, and if you have lots to split like we do, you will want to invest in a good log splitter.

Generally speaking, a firewood log splitter is a machine used to separate the trunk of a tree into two vertical halves by slamming it into a sharp wedge with a brutal force.

Depending on the source of power readily available to you at your locality, you can go with the manual variety or choose between the electrical and gas-powered options.

So, Which Type Is Perfect for Off-grid Living?

Whoa, not so fast friend! When choosing a log splitter, a few other factors need to be considered besides the location of your home and the type of “fuel” available.

Of great importance, however, is an understanding of the features of each type of tool as well as its benefits and drawbacks. If you glean at the differences between the three types, you will certainly identify one tool perfect for off-grid living. For that reason, let’s begin by glancing at the features and differences between the three types of log splitters. Continue reading

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Off Grid Living Canada

Best places to live Off-Grid in Canada

Living off the grid is becoming more and more popular in Canada, in this article I will tell you about some of the best places to live Off-Grid in Canada. Currently, you will find thousands of people looking for independence away from the cities. These locations are ideal for people who love growing food and create a simple lifestyle away from the grid.

Project Canada

Lucky for us Canada is a large country, and there are plenty of options for choosing an off-grid area to live in. There are many rural areas in Canada, ranging from the empty wilderness to rural areas that are still close enough to city centers for people that still need to work in the city. Continue reading

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Off grid living – Power Generation and Energy Systems

Interesting facts for solar energy

There are many reasons to go solar; but the most common reason is to reduce your carbon footprint and cut energy costs.

Solar energy produces no pollution, has no detrimental environmental effects, and is ecologically sound.

Installing solar systems should not be looked at as an expense but rather as an investment.

The average American pays off their solar purchase in seven to eight years and sees a Return on Investment of about 20 to 30 percent. Continue reading

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Best off grid States in America

Are you thinking of living off grid?

It seems to becoming a popular trend these days, people wanting to get back to basics or just want to stop paying for utilities, have some independence and not have to worry about paying a lot of bills for water, sewer, power etc.

If you are thinking of living off the grid in the US, there are many factors to be considered, and one of them is the states where you can live off grid .

Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide: Food, Shelter, Security, Off-the-Grid Power and More Life-Saving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living

Choosing an off-grid life might seem like a bold move to some people and realistically it could take some time to establish your new home.

With this in mind homesteading and off-grid energy might need cost evaluation. You will need to consider natural resources like the availability of water, and the amount of sunshine received in the area you want to live in. Continue reading

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Chaga Tea

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga is a fungus that grows mainly on birch trees in cold climate regions. Although this is not the most appealing mushroom you will see, it is packed with numerous health-benefiting components such as vitamins and minerals. In this regard, Chaga mushroom has remained at the top of the functional mushrooms list. Formulating Chaga mushrooms into a tea gives you these wonderful nutrients as the hot water breaks down the cell for easier access.

What is Chaga Mushroom tea and how is it brewed?

Continue reading

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Pelican Sled

Our Pelican 75 Sled 

Living off grid in the winter can be a challenge for getting around.  I don’t know what we would do without our snowmobiles and pelican sled to carry cargo in the winter.

We have used these sleds for ice fishing and for hauling everything from groceries to lumber into the off grid property. Continue reading

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Bear Safety While Hiking

Bear Safety When Hiking

I have always had a love for hiking, but in the last year have been doing a lot more of it. Of course, we are always hiking in bear country so have to be aware.

I’ve always been nervous about hiking in the bush for fear of meeting up with a bear, but I’m learning it’s okay, we just need to be prepared that if we are hiking in bear country the chance is there for an encounter at one time or another. Continue reading

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Mosquito and Tick repellent clothing

Insect Repellent Clothing

The mosquitoes are so bad out on our off grid property this year that I had to source something better than spray this year.

Men’s Insect Repellent Shirt

I was surprised and somewhat skeptical when I hear about mosquito repellent clothing but I decided I needed to give it a try because really what did I have to lose? Either it’s going to work and I’ll be thrilled or it won’t and I’ll have a new shirt or pants.

Men’s Insect Repellent Pants

So I did some searching and bought a long sleeve shirt and a pair of pants. When I bought them I was just concerned about the mosquito repellent abilities of this clothing, but then also discovered that this clothing is also rated as tick repellent clothing, what a bonus that is as we do often do some hiking in the bush and ticks are known to be in our area as well. Continue reading

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Small Log Cabin

An update on the Small Log Cabin

small log cabins

Small Log Cabin

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated on the small log cabin.

Traveling to the cabin

We have been enjoying snowmobiling up the past few winters, it’s been great as we live not far from the Great Canadian Trail and can snowmobile right from our home to the cabin which is a trek of about 45 km. It took some time to get the cabin back to the point of being able to use it, but now it’s great! Small log cabins are wonderful.

I keep the cabin stocked with blankets, towels, a change of clothes and the basics of food year round and we use it lots.

We don’t leave any canned goods over the winter, but I do have flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, oatmeal, salt, pepper and lot of dried foods. One day I’ll do an inventory and post if on the site. We have never been short of food when heading out for a day. Continue reading

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