The start – small log cabin

It’s time to start working on the small log cabin if we are going to be able to have it done in time for snowmobiling out that way this winter.

So we begin, it’s time to collect firewood for the wood stove at home, so we start by cleaning up some of the dead trees that were in the way of the road way into the small log cabin or that may come down and finish off the cabin if we are not careful.





Once we are able to get in the cleaning up and gutting out begins.

It was my job to weed eat around the cabin….my favourite chore lol, while Nathan cleaned out the inside of the cabin.  There was so much stuff piled in there we were not sure what we were going to find.

So we found an old wood stove, an electric furnace, ducting for the electric furnace, some plant pots, a couple electric heaters, some insulation, and misc garden tools.

The packrats had gotten in and made a nest in an old wood stove we found in there…that was disgusting to say the least.

The packrats were certainly making this stove their home Yuk!
Wood stove cleaned up and put back in for now……








Well the inside is gutted, cleaned and the truck loaded with stuff to take to the dump.

There was a manger attached to the cabin so that was coming down, we don’t intend on having cattle around this area so there is no need for that thing.





So in the fire it goes and time for a rest before the next step which is replacing the roof.








Next go to Removing the old roof

4 thoughts on “The start – small log cabin”

  1. Hello Jill
    I have always been fascinated with little log cabins, to me they signify peace, contentment and quality of life.
    Lucky you, I could never afford a log-cabin but I feel it`s a luxury I could use if not full time then for weekend getaways, hide there from the hectic everyday life,forget about the noise and the gadgets we all need today(even if only for a short period of time)
    Glad you insulated your log cabin,as much as I^d love to escape to a log cabin, freezing in one is not something I`d like.
    Really enjoyed your post and will look forward to following up new post and see how replacing the roof went on.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Roamy,

      It certainly is peaceful out at the cabin. I love it when I’m out there and have a hard time leaving sometimes. It is nice to leave all the gadgets and just enjoy nature for awhile. Thanks for stopping by the website.

  2. Wow, what a project! I was raised to love the outdoors. My parents actually built a house in an arboretum and my family has a small, two bed one bath, cabin that I have been going to since my mom was pregnant with me (about 27 years now!). As a result, I can’t wait for the day that I can find a treasure like you seem to have. Can’t wait to see more progress as you post it! The photos are fun to see.

    • Thanks Shay, it’s great being outdoors, the air is so much fresher than being in the city. I love it! I’ll keep posting our progress. Check back for more.


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