What is a weed eater? Knocking down this grass

Time to start cleaning up this 10 acre off grid place

Now we have possession of our new 10 acre off grid home and it’s time for some more cleanup, the old vehicles are removed so now we can get out and start knocking the grass and weeds down.

What is a weed eater

I sure learned what a weed eater is or rather what kind of weed eater is the right one doing this task.

My tool is my little weed eater, I have a ride on lawnmower, but it’s hard to see what’s hiding in the grass, so we will start with the weed eater.

I learned though this exercise that not all weed eaters are the same and will remember this for the next time I have a project like this.

Not that my weed eater is not good, it’s just not made for a big job like this one.


I spend the better part of a day with this little weed eater working to knock down the tall grass.

I found that although it does the job it really is meant to just trim around the edges of a garden or lawn, but I worked it to the max and got a fair bit of the yard cleaned up done.

I love my little weed eater, it’s light and works very well.  I use it at home to trim all around the yard and garden and I think that’s were it should stay.  It really is not meant to cut down knee high grass.

Help on its way

My granddaughter wanted to come up to see the new off grid property and help out a bit.

I was so happy to see her when she arrived, not only because she came and wanted to help grandma but her father sent her up with his nice big weed eater.

Well I’ll tell you that girl had twice as much done in an hour as I would have done in a day.

So next time I have to tackle a job like that I’ll be calling her or getting a bigger machine like that.

The weed eater she was using had handles on each side; one for each hand and sling to put over her shoulder.

It was the better machine for the job for sure and I’ll be getting one real soon.

My Conclusion

After this day I would have to recommend the following weed eater when doing larger projects or a field of hay 🙂

The weed eater below is great.  It is a gas powered one with the two handles making it so much easier to use.

Yard Machines 41AD290C900 2-Cycle Gas Brush Cutter with Reversible Brush Blade-27 cc

Price: $229.00

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