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Chaga Tea

Chaga Tea is a great way to get all the wonderful nutrients from the Birch Tree Tao Chaga Wild Harvest Canadian Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) Chunk – 1 lb (454 g) Read about all the many benefits and healing properties … Continue reading

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Make your own Dandelion Wine

Dandelion Wine Last May the Dandelions were out and with so man we figured we would try our hand at making Dandelion Wine. This was a first, but I had come across an old recipe in my Grandmothers book, so … Continue reading

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Tapped Birch Water

Tapped Birch Water We have a nice grove of Birch Trees not far from the property so this spring we decided to try our hand at tapping the birch trees to drink the water and make Birch Syrup.

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Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape Found on the west coast of North America here is a picture of Oregon Grape in bloom.   Soon these flowers will turn into clusters of purple berries with a that bring to mind a cluster of grapes…hence … Continue reading

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Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Discovering wild crafting I am discovering all the wonderful medicinal plants and herbs that are growing near our Off Grid property. I have always been interested in growing and using my own herbs and picking whatever we can that grows … Continue reading

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Oregon Grape Facts

Walking around the property yesterday, I discovered we have patches of Oregon Grape Plants (Mahonia aquifolium) growing.  It is also known as “Holly Grape” and is related to the Barberry Family.

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Wild Chaga Mushroom

Where to find Chaga Mushroom There is a large grove of birch trees on the property, we will harvest what we need that grows wild around us. The wild chaga mushroom is a fungus that grows mainly in birch trees. It … Continue reading

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