Off Grid Tools

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Ultimate Outdoor Multitool-Hatchet Hammer Saw, Black

This is an excellent off grid tool, an all in one that comes with a Hatchet Blade, Hammer head, Nail Claw and Pry bar as well as a replaceable 6″ saw blade, but that’s not all.  It also has 5 hex sockets and a hardened steel glass breaker and seat belt cutter.

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Live off Grid – getting off grid

Good Reads – Books Living Off Grid

If you have been thinking of moving off grid here are some books that may help.

This one is about surviving off grid, I really like this book.  It is covers everything from staking your piece of land to building your shelter, finding water, sources of heat and power.

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Small Wood Stove

A Small Wood Stove for a Small Cabin
Wood Stove

The cabin is only 10 x 11 so there was no need to leave the big cast iron wood stove that was in there.  A small wood stove will do the job we need it to do.

There are all kinds of small wood stoves out there, we are trying to recycle and use what we have so spending money was not part of the plan.  We found a larger wood stove in the cabin, but the heat from it would have blown us out of there, so we decided to buy a cheaper wall tent stove.

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