Small Wood Stove

A Small Wood Stove for a Small Cabin
Wood Stove

The cabin is only 10 x 11 so there was no need to leave the big cast iron wood stove that was in there.  A small wood stove will do the job we need it to do.

There are all kinds of small wood stoves out there, we are trying to recycle and use what we have so spending money was not part of the plan.  We found a larger wood stove in the cabin, but the heat from it would have blown us out of there, so we decided to buy a cheaper wall tent stove.

It is just going to be used to warm up when we snowmobile up to the cabin or just to warm up on a chilly evening when we are out there working.
Where to purchase wood stoves

Putting the Stove Pipe in for the Wood stove

On the inside of the cabin a Heat Shield against the roof and the insulated pipe that goes through to the roof.

The stove pipe will slip through that attaching to the stove.

I think I may be missing some pictures of this procedure as Nathan was out at the cabin doing some of this on his own.

When the roof was going on the other parts of the stove pipe were put on at that time.  The pictures below will show what was done.





The picture with the tool shows how the metal should be overlapped so that the rain will roll down off the roof.

Once everything is in place it is screwed down with roofing screws.

These screws have a rubber ring which works to keep the hole sealed.

Putting the small wood stove in the cabin

We had two pieces of concrete left over from a project at the house we have just built.

These concrete pavers will be used to put the wood stove on.

When we were cleaning out the small cabin and tore out the floor, we discovered a concrete floor underneath the wood floor.

The concrete is not level, so we will be building another floor around the cement pavers the wood stove sits on.




Wood Stove Wall Shield

The stove is in and placed on the concrete pad, now we need to install the wood stove wall shield.

We have some metal roofing left over, so that is what is going to be used for the wall shield.

The shield is put in place and levelled.  It must also be a few inches out from the logs.

This will prevent the logs from getting to hot when the fire is burning.

wood stove wall shield

Here  is a picture of this small wood stove installed and the heat shield behind it.

Looks like it’s all ready to light a fire in.  Not quite yet.

Now we have to go and get some sand or small gravel and line the bottom of the stove to protect it and help it to last longer.

Nathan is familiar with these stoves.  When he was working in the north they used these stoves to warm the large tents that they stayed in.wood stove burning

Finally a place to stay warm and maybe make a cup of coffee, and just in time as the first snow is starting to fall.

And here it is the Wood Stove Burning

The next project will be putting the floor in.

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4 thoughts on “Small Wood Stove”

  1. Hello here. From your description it seems so easy to build up small wood stove.
    It seems as efficient and easy to use in the house or in cabin somewhere in the forest.
    I wonder if you sell them?
    Not everybody is good with their hands. It could be more trouble if somebody who is not good at this type of job, would start to create a device or thing such as this stove.
    I like that this stove does not require so much space. Most important that stove warms up the room in a safe way.
    Thanks for ideas and showing how to do it.
    All the best, Nemira.

    • Hi thanks for your comments. I don’t sell wood stoves, they can be purchased from most Plumbing and Heating stores. There are many different kinds of stoves some requiring more space than others. This was perfect for what we wanted for the small cabin. The main cabin will have something else.

  2. I am going to be building a tiny house in the near future and want to be able to heat it with a small wood stove. I like your instructions on how to install a wood stove. Are there any smaller wood stoves you could recommend for a much smaller place?

    • Hi Gretchen, that will be exciting for you to build your own tiny house. I believe you can purchase smaller wood stoves, they do come in a variety of sizes. I will have to do a future post on the sizes of wood stoves and where to purchase them, but for now. Try your local Plumbing and Heating store. Thanks for stopping by the website


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