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Where to find Peat Pots for starting and transplanting seeds

Growing your seedlings in Peat Pots
Seed Starting

Wow! I have all these seeds started and went out to my garden shed to find I have run out of peat pots  I need 2 1/2″  or 3″ pots to replant these veggies.

I have spent the better part of this morning calling every store I can think of in our area to see if anyone has pots…..no luck absolutely everyone is sold out!  I guess with this Covid-19 the time as come that more people are realizing they can grow there own food.  I think this is fabulous, but holy moly do I need pots.

One of the stores would said they would order them for me if I can’t find any, when I called back and placed the order all was good until I got a call back saying the order would not be in until mid May early June.  I can’t wait that long  It’s April 24th today!  Now what?

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Extend You Vegetable Growing Season

Learn how to extend your growing season

From protective row covers to greenhouse and the placement of trees and other plants.

AHZZY Protective Row Cover with Greenhouse Support Hoops, 6Pack Adjustable 4ft Long Garden Grow Tunnel with 0.9oz Non-woven Row Cover for Greenhouse UV Frost Protection

Extending the growing season where I live is something that has to be done without it some crops would never get to harvest.

Some ways to extend your growing season are by using row covers, cold frames and greenhouses are a few ways to go, but your can also use permanent protection like trees.

What type of protection does your garden need?

If your garden is in an open area that is not protected from wind the soil will dry out fast and it has no natural protection from the cold.

A hedge of spruce trees 4’ or so away from the garden can be enough to increase the air temperature by a couple degrees Celsius.

Two rows of snow fencing about 60 feet apart will do the same thing.

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Preserving Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

I started growing Garlic several years ago, but never really knew what to do with the Scapes, to be totally honest I didn’t even know I was supposed to cut them off the Garlic Plant……that might have had something to do with the poor crops I was producing.

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Vegetable Garden Layout Plans

Vegetable Garden Layout plans are an important part of vegetable gardening, putting your garden in a plan on paper will help your determine what you will be growing and where to plant.

When creating a vegetable garden keep in mind if you want to grow an organic vegetable garden companion planting and crop rotation will play an important role.  Learning how to compost and adding composted material to your garden will also help grow lovely organic vegetables.

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Companion Planting Chart

Companion Planting can surely increase the harvest of your vegetable garden. It’s amazing how much.

By companion planting you can improve the health of your plants, keep bugs away and attract pollinators.

Keeping the bugs away with companion planting lets you garden without the use of toxic pesticides.

It is a must for Organic Gardening.

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