Where to find Peat Pots for starting and transplanting seeds

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Growing your seedlings in Peat Pots
Seed Starting

Wow! I have all these seeds started and went out to my garden shed to find I have run out of peat pots  I need 2 1/2″  or 3″ pots to replant these veggies.

I have spent the better part of this morning calling every store I can think of in our area to see if anyone has pots…..no luck absolutely everyone is sold out!  I guess with this Covid-19 the time as come that more people are realizing they can grow there own food.  I think this is fabulous, but holy moly do I need pots.

One of the stores would said they would order them for me if I can’t find any, when I called back and placed the order all was good until I got a call back saying the order would not be in until mid May early June.  I can’t wait that long  It’s April 24th today!  Now what?

Thankfully, I thought okay I shop online for a lot of things so lets check it out for pots and low and behold!  I found them on Amazon and delivery will be in a week.

So I’ve placed my order and these wonderful little baby plants will be safely repotted in a week.

If you are in the same bind here are some of the pots I found and am ordering.  Think I might just get enough for next year too.  Take care, stay safe and happy planting.

skycabin 6CM 96pcs Biodegradable Fibre Seed Pots | Peat Pots | Plant Starters | Vegetable & Tomato Seed Starter Kit – Organic Biodegradable Pots 100% Eco-Friendly

I start all my seed in these small peat pods and then later transplant to bigger pots and then out to the garden.  In our climate we can’t put much out in the garden until at least the long weekend in May, so starting early indoors is a must.

Smartcoco Easy to Operate Seedling Trays, 30mm Peat Pellets Seed Starting Plugs Pallet Nutrient Substance Medium Seedling Flower Planting Soil Block (15 Packs)

The picture above showing the seeds I have started are started under grow lights.  This is one of the best investments I’ve made.  I am able to start quite a few seeds in this and the top piece with the light can be adjusted up and down.  Once my plants are bigger they get moved out, but I find it the best for starting seeds like tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and kolorabi.

SunBlaster SL1600198 Micro Grow Light Garden, Black, Small

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4 thoughts on “Where to find Peat Pots for starting and transplanting seeds”

  1. Hello; I agree with you to encourage people to grow some food for themselves. There are some farm products that we need and because of COVID 19, we will not get them for various reasons if we have our Gardens furnished with our veggies we are alright.

     I have a few feet of back yard I plant everything I think it can hold, now I see it was good I did. I encourage everyone to plant something in their back front or side yard You never know how necessary it is until you can’t get it to buy.


    • Thanks for you comments DorcasW I too feel it’s getting more and more important for people to grow some of their own food.  Even a little will help financially as well as feeding our bellies.  I have enough room to plant for ourselves and more so whatever we don’t need will feed our neighbors.  Take care and stay safe


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