Winter at the cabin

Well this summer was a challenge with the forest fires and roads closed. We were unable to get up to the cabin to do much.  So we have been up every chance we can get between then and now.

Winter came and it wasn’t to bad we were able to get up the the end of the 2 km road in and take the snow machines in the rest of the way.  So the project continued we were able to get the rest of that nasty additions taken off.

renovating, removing walls

There were two large trees that needed to come down, one of them was at the corner of the garden.  In the summer this tree shades a great portion of the garden and the roots are starting to creep into the garden as well, so we decided to take it down.

The other tree was pretty close to the house and in the area where we plan on putting the herb garden and one day a bath house and sauna.

Here are some pictures of one of the trees coming down:

Now the fun part comes…time to take the branches off and clean up the yard.

These trees were so big that some of the branches as the size of tree trunks.

We will use as much of the wood as we can for firewood, the rest will be burned.

The trunk of the tree will be bucked up to smaller lengths so we can manage to move them better and then de barked and put out to dry.  Eventually we will cut these pieces up for lumber.

After some cleanup here is what is left to pick up.

Unfortunately in the last few days we have received over two feet of snow, so the rest of the clean up will have to wait til spring.

At home here I am busy digging out… is a picture of the snow around my chicken coop

So this is my job today.

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