Small Log Cabin

An update on the Small Log Cabin

small log cabins
Small Log Cabin

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated on the small log cabin.

Traveling to the cabin

We have been enjoying snowmobiling up the past few winters, it’s been great as we live not far from the Great Canadian Trail and can snowmobile right from our home to the cabin which is a trek of about 45 km. It took some time to get the cabin back to the point of being able to use it, but now it’s great! Small log cabins are wonderful.

I keep the cabin stocked with blankets, towels, a change of clothes and the basics of food year round and we use it lots.

We don’t leave any canned goods over the winter, but I do have flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, oatmeal, salt, pepper and lot of dried foods. One day I’ll do an inventory and post if on the site. We have never been short of food when heading out for a day.

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Mini Fridge for Off Grid

Mini Fridge for Off Grid

We have a little cabin off grid and for the most part we don’t really need to use a fridge, but we have installed a small solar system for things like this.

I’ve been thinking it might be nice to have a fridge in the summer, especially since we will be spending more time there; so I started doing some research and found some that should work nicely.

The Mini Fridge

Ice Cube one of many mini fridges

This mini fridge is 15 litres and runs on 45 Watts so will be able to run on a 200 watt inverter with no problems.

Some great advantages to this one are:

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Installing Wood Flooring over Concrete


The Cabin Floor

Concrete Floor

The old cabin floor had to be removed, we were almost certain that underneath the wood would be a dirt floor, but to our surprise there was a concrete floor under that dirty old particle board.


Whoever had put the floor in this cabin had built a frame raised floor and covered the concrete with particle board.

We would find out what we had to work with once the entire old floor was removed.

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Small Wood Stove

A Small Wood Stove for a Small Cabin
Wood Stove

The cabin is only 10 x 11 so there was no need to leave the big cast iron wood stove that was in there.  A small wood stove will do the job we need it to do.

There are all kinds of small wood stoves out there, we are trying to recycle and use what we have so spending money was not part of the plan.  We found a larger wood stove in the cabin, but the heat from it would have blown us out of there, so we decided to buy a cheaper wall tent stove.

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How to replace a roof – removing the old one

Taking off the old roof was going to be fun,  those darn packrats decided it was theirs as well, all the insulation in the roof had been packed down on the bottom and nothing left at the top.

So how to replace a roof?  The first thing is to take the old one off.  We ripped all the shingles off, tore off the plastic vapour barrier and pulled out all the old insulation.

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The start – small log cabin

It’s time to start working on the small log cabin if we are going to be able to have it done in time for snowmobiling out that way this winter.

So we begin, it’s time to collect firewood for the wood stove at home, so we start by cleaning up some of the dead trees that were in the way of the road way into the small log cabin or that may come down and finish off the cabin if we are not careful.

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Cabin in the Woods – The Clean up Begins

Cleaning up the Small Cabin

Sept 2019 Update

Looking back on this post now 3 years later and it seems hard to believe that’s the little cabin we started out with.  How things have changed, maybe not as quick as we wanted. 

There were some hick ups along the way for sure, a wildfire and being evacuated from the property one whole summer and then work….darn work seems to get in the way sometimes, but here we were back then cleaning up the little cabin and now we are able to use it.

off grid cabin

And so the project begins here is some of the progress we have made this far on our little cabin in the woods.

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