Mini Fridge for Off Grid

Mini Fridge for Off Grid

We have a little cabin off grid and for the most part we don’t really need to use a fridge, but we have installed a small solar system for things like this.

I’ve been thinking it might be nice to have a fridge in the summer, especially since we will be spending more time there; so I started doing some research and found some that should work nicely.

The Mini Fridge

Ice Cube one of many mini fridges

This mini fridge is 15 litres and runs on 45 Watts so will be able to run on a 200 watt inverter with no problems.

Some great advantages to this one are:

  • It has a High Cooling Performance rating
  • Reaches -20°C
  • A Portable Unit that is compace with carrying handles.
  • Storage Capacity is 15L, which can holds 20 Cans, 6 Wine Bottles
  • It has a Vehicle Battery Protection System
  • Can be operated on both 12V 24V DC and 240V AC
  • this is a great unit for RV/Caravan, Boat, Truck, Camping and of course the Cabin!

To learn more about this fridge click on this link:

Icecube Mini Series Portable Electric AC/DC Mini Compact Compressor Refrigerators (15 liter)

The Ice box mini fridge also come in larger capacities for more information on them click on the links below:

Icecube Mini Series Portable Electric AC/DC Mini Compact Compressor Refrigerators (20 liter)

Icecube Mini Series Portable Electric AC/DC Mini Compact Compressor Refrigerators (30 liter)

Danby Mini Fridge

The Danby Mini Fridge is a compact refrigerator designed for small living quarters such as cottages, and student dormitories.

The  Danby Fridge has  1.6 cu. ft. (45 L) of cooling area and also has a compartment for ice cubes or frozen foods.  This is a nice size and able to store 2 – 1 litre bottles as well as food.

Rated at 115V this unit should work fine with a 140 watt inverter

For more information on the fridge or to purchase click on this link – Danby Mini Fridge, 1.6 CuFt., Stainless Steel Look

This is a nice stainless steel fridge and the price is pretty reasonable compared to others.

Portable Mini Fridge – Freone Free with Digital Display

This 20 L AC/DC Fridge is my favorite.  I like that it has a digital display and touch screen control.  It is smaller at .7 cu.ft but  one of the larger portable fridges making it great for the cabin.  Some of the feature of this fridge are:

  • it has a cool/warm switch which will cool down to -4 or up to 65 C
  • well insulated to hold temperatures
  • quiet themoelectric fan (eco friendly)
  • it is lightweight and compact
  • has a removable shelf
  • self-locking latch and carry handle
  • The AC & DC are included which is 2 cords.  One is 110V for plug in and then other is a 12V DC for car cigarette lighter socket

A person would have no problem running this mini fridge on a 200 volt inverter.

For more information on the fridge or to purchase click on this link Portable Compact Personal Mini Fridge Cools & Heats 100 FreonFree Refrigerator Digital Temperature Display and Control

The Moose Mini Refrigerator

This portable mini fridge has everything we need.  I guess that’s why it’s called the Moose – here are the list of features that have me thinking this is the one:

  • It has a large capacity of 31 L – this should be large enough to hold some food and drinks for well more than a day or two.
  • It has an energy saving mode and will cool in 30 minutes.
  • the fridge design is made to be shockproof making it a durable refrigerator that will last
  • because of its design it is able to withstand harsh environments (our cold winter months)
  • Low noice and it comes with 3 different battery levels
  • It has a LCD display with a digital temperature adjustment to adjust the temperature to where you want it.
  • Runs on 110V or 12V DC

For more product details or to purchase this item click on this link

There are more mini fridges on the market, but these are the ones I like best.  After doing the research and reading the many reviews on these products I think the Moose Mini Refrigerator will the one we purchase as it is large and we need one that we can pack a week or two worth of food in.

They are are great products, it’s just which one will work for you?

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