Preserving Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

I started growing Garlic several years ago, but never really knew what to do with the Scapes, to be totally honest I didn’t even know I was supposed to cut them off the Garlic Plant……that might have had something to do with the poor crops I was producing. Continue reading

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Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape

Found on the west coast of North America here is a picture of Oregon Grape in bloom.


Soon these flowers will turn into clusters of purple berries with a that bring to mind a cluster of grapes…hence the name. Continue reading

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Rocket Stove Mass Heater

Rocket Stoves

There are two types of Rocket Stoves – ones that your can cook on and then the Rocket Stove Mass Heater which will heat your living or work space.  This is the one will will be talking about, these heaters are like a furnace and can be used indoors as long as you have good ventilation. Continue reading

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Off Grid Tools

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Ultimate Outdoor Multitool-Hatchet Hammer Saw, Black

This is an excellent off grid tool, an all in one that comes with a Hatchet Blade, Hammer head, Nail Claw and Pry bar as well as a replaceable 6″ saw blade, but that’s not all.  It also has 5 hex sockets and a hardened steel glass breaker and seat belt cutter. Continue reading

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Live off Grid – getting off grid

Good Reads – Books Living Off Grid

If you have been thinking of moving off grid here are some books that may help.

This one is about surviving off grid, I really like this book.  It is covers everything from staking your piece of land to building your shelter, finding water, sources of heat and power. Continue reading

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Plowing the way out with Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow

ATV Snowplow a must this winter

When living off grid often you will find yourself having to plow your way out in the winter. We have an ATV for the 2 km piece of road we have to plow out. This blade has proven to be an excellent asset to us.

UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow – everything you need to put a plow on your ATV

Price:  $537.94 (includes everything you need)  You just can’t beat that price.  

Everything you need to hook a snow plow up to your ATV. The box will include a plow blade, universal mount, and push tube assembly. The universal mount will fit most ATVs on the market.

This blade can be installed in minimal time and comes with everything you need to start moving snow. Continue reading

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Portable Washing Machine

portable washing machine

We have been spending a lot of time out at the cabin this year and I’ve found it a bit of a pain to travel back and forth just to get some laundry done.  It’s time to find a portable washing machine.

I suppose I could go down to the spring and do it the old-fashioned way with a washboard, but somehow that just doesn’t sound like too much fun to me. lol. Continue reading

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Chicken Coop and Bears

Bear Encounters

We have never had problems with bears before, but the last while I’ve had a Black Bear in the yard that has decided to harass my chickens.

Continue reading

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Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

Our latest project has been putting an outdoor wood burning stove out near the small cabin with a cover, so we can cook on it in the spring and fall. Of course, we will use it in the winter as well to warm up or just to enjoy.

Continue reading

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Medicinal Plants and Herbs



Red Clover

Red Clover

Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape

Discovering wild crafting

I am discovering all the wonderful medicinal plants and herbs that are growing near our Off Grid property.

I have always been interested in growing and using my own herbs and picking whatever we can that grows out in the bush and our surrounding area to eat.

Continue reading

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