Best off grid States in America

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Are you thinking of living off grid?

It seems to becoming a popular trend these days, people wanting to get back to basics or just want to stop paying for utilities, have some independence and not have to worry about paying a lot of bills for water, sewer, power etc.

If you are thinking of living off the grid in the US, there are many factors to be considered, and one of them is the states where you can live off grid .

Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide: Food, Shelter, Security, Off-the-Grid Power and More Life-Saving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living

Choosing an off-grid life might seem like a bold move to some people and realistically it could take some time to establish your new home.

With this in mind homesteading and off-grid energy might need cost evaluation. You will need to consider natural resources like the availability of water, and the amount of sunshine received in the area you want to live in.

Keeping all this in mind here are some states that could catch your eye when going off the grid.


Follow Me to Alaska: A true story of one couple’s adventure adjusting from life in a cul-de-sac in El Paso, Texas, to a cabin off-grid in the wilderness of Alaska

Alaska is home to the most off-grid communities in the USA, it is filled with natural beauty and has the least population.

Alaska can be cold, but the northern part of the state is warmer and can be very manageable for off-grid living. You can easily adjust yourself to life in Alaska, and keep your livestock and practice gardening.

Alaska is not strict on homeschooling and does not have standardized tests that children have to take, you may not have to notify the authorities when homeschooling your children like you would in other states.

Alaska, moreover, has the best taxation policies, and it is among the states with the lowest tax burden.



Tennessee has some best rural areas for living off grid, it has low property costs and a growing season of about 260 days a year! The mild weather in Tennessee makes it a perfect state for off-grid living.

You do not have to worry about water when you go off the grid in Tennessee with the freedom to collect all the rainwater you need. Tennessee has fair regulations on raising animals and the ability to share raw cows milk, so this may be a state you would like to live in if you are considering farming as part of your off grid income.

Tennessee can be humid at time so you may want to make sure your off grid house can be constructed to be able to house a cooling system.


Winter’s Comin’: A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

Washington State has temperate climates and plenty of natural resources that could attract you. Their building codes might be strict, and the cost of living could be higher than in other states. But if you choose to live in rural areas in Washington, the cost of living could be significantly lower.

One Washington off-grid destination would be the Cascade River Community Club, where there the are over 400 off-grid properties, here you can still find properties for under 12,000 where the people living there use solar power and generators for electricity.

In the Cascade Community is your choose to buy and build there you will require a permit to build and your house has to be a minimum of 200 sq ft.

You are able to collect our own rainwater in this community, but if you want to raise animals…..well think again. That is not allowed here. The only livestock allowed are horses.


Montana Homestead: How I Built My Homestead Off Grid In The Wilderness

Montana has wide spaces, making it appealing for off-grid living, and its weather is quite variable. The price of land if definitely affordable and population will not be an issue at all.

It can be cold and the growing season is not as long as other off grid places, but you can build a nice greenhouse to extend the growing season.

You could choose whichever fits you the best due to the abundance of natural resources for a sustainable rural life.


Off the Grid (A Joe Pickett Novel Book 16)

Wyoming is best if you want to live in complete isolation as it has a low population. Moreover, it has more natural resources that make life off-grid bearable. Some parts of Wyoming could be said to be semi-arid, which means that you could receive plenty of sunlight.

Homeschooling laws are really relaxed in this state where you are not required to send in test scores, evaluations or notify the state.

Here the summers are hot and dry and the winters can be long and cold. Collecting water in Wyoming is not permitted as the state only averages 13 inches of rain a year. The growing season averages 125 days a year.

The wide open spaces and low population is what lures off griders to Wyoming.

The bottom line

Off the Grid: Re-Assembling Domestic Life

Going off-grid should include a cost-benefit analysis, as well as choosing a state that favors your lifestyle.

It would help if you approached the homesteading and off-grid lifestyle with an open mind since there is no perfect place to live.

Van Life in 50 States: The 2 Year “Vacation”

Before deciding on an off-grid lifestyle, it is most likely to have set your mindset to make it work for you, which would help you adapt to the new home.

Choosing states with a low cost of living, relaxed homeschooling policies, and favorable taxation policies would be ideal for off grid living.

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  1. It is very interesting to read through this article, it is very true that people wants to stay off grid and have the cool and great climate to themselves, I personally feel like it’s gonna be nice because you’ll be of  less burdens and you’ll care less of the exotics of the world,  going off grid for a normal person will bring peace and also help you save, lol.

  2. Thank you for sharing this here. Honestly, I value all you have stated here. It cab really make the whole difference on the overall if we stay in an offgrid environment as that can really help to live off the excess of budget. Surely this is a very great one to see here. In all, I value it all as it can be very great. I heard of Alaska before and maybe contemplate it at a later date

  3. Hello there, I have a house already in town and my wife has always been a fan of living off the grid because she has always been living in such houses her entire life. I really want to get one of such houses and I really have little knowledge of it. I still will have to show this article and see what she has to day because I’m doing it for her. 

  4. It was truly interesting to read through this article. These places you have recommended are really secluded and the ideal locations for anyone who wants to live a tranquil, peaceful life off the grid, distanced from general populace. It will be beneficial to them if they are able to read your article and I’ll be happy to share it if possible 

  5. This has been a very interesting read on living off grid in the States. Living off grid and using the natural resources of the environment in the best way, is a dream for me, but I would prefer to be part of a community to have “neighbors”, rather than being in a very remote area. 

    You mention several points that I would not have thought about, with homeschooling being very important if you have young children. And of course taxation will not go away when you live off grid! A great post

  6. Being off the grid is an adventure about how much we can depend on other individuals and how much we can depend on one another. People going off the grid are in tune with the nature of our creator, with more peace and joy than alternatives and are responding positively, spiritually, to feelings about the billions being starved by economics and poisoned by chemical fluid/solids. I haven’t done it (gone off the grid) but I feel it’d be like volunteering to be on a paradise island and needing at least a loving community


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