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Going out to the cabin on a regular basis, we have become increasingly aware of the wildlife that lives around and near the cabin.

It seems every time we head out there we are running into one animal or another.  The regular rabbit and grouse or chicken as some people call them.  We have seen Lynx a few time, only once was I able to get a picture.

A bear came into camp last summer, when he realized we were there I think he was as afraid of us as we were of him, he took off pretty quick when my husband yelled at him.

Cougar tracks are all over the place, I have yet to see one, but it’s pretty clear that they are there.

Deer, lots of deer and the occasional moose.

The fox was running down the road in front of us the other day.  As I am able to get any pictures I will share them, as we have encountered these animals it has encouraged me to write articles about them.  You can find these by clicking on the pictures below.

Cougar, what to do if you encounter a cougar
Cougar – what to do it you meet one
A lynx sighting- know whether its a lynx or bobcat
encounter with a black bear
A black bear comes to camp

Deer – playing the day before hunting season

pack rat
Getting rid of Pack Rats – and the mess!