Deer and Hunting Season

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Deer Hunting on the property

Hunting season was to begin the following day so we decided to head up to the property and try our luck up there.

We will be hunting mule deer, there is an estimated 15,000 to 30,000 in our hunting region, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get one….or one would think.

In our area it is open for bucks, but if you want to hunt does you have to apply for a limited entry draw.

Nathan has applied for one every year since he started hunting as a young man and has yet to get one.  Just he luck of the draw.  I got a moose draw two years in a row.

So we are ready to hunt and hunting season is open for any buck, but in a few weeks that will change to 4 point or more.

So we get up there and get the trailer all set up, had dinner and were sitting around the fire and in walks a doe, and then another doe, and then a buck.  We are pretty happy about that, because if that buck stays around or comes back tomorrow, he might just end up in the freezer.

We were entertained by them for awhile that night as they started jumping and dancing in the field oblivious to us watching for quite some time.

When they finally saw me standing there taking pictures, the little buck took off immediately, but the does took their time and didn’t seem to mind us being there at all.

We hunted for the next week and didn’t see another buck lol….such is life.


2 thoughts on “Deer and Hunting Season”

  1. Deer hunting seems to be a good sport, how many deer can you hunt in a season? and can you hunt deer that still have their young? The closest I have come to hunting deer is playing video games and that about sums it up, but who knows maybe one day I’ll get out there. Great post.

    • Hi Norman,

      We allowed to hunt for 1 buck in our area. There is a doe draw a person can apply for, but I haven’t had one of those in years. Even with a doe draw you would not want to take a mom away from her babies.


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