What’s the best rat trap

Best Rat Traps on the Market

This year has been a really bad year for mice and rats, we have mice where they have never been before and it appears most of the neighborhood is experiencing the same problem.

Why do we have such an increase in rodent activity? I suspect it has something to do with the weather, we have had an unusually cool summer with much more rain than usual. Here is an article I found that talks about how weather can affect rodents. Home owners over run by mice

The best Traps

I don’t like to use poison as we are out in the country and who know what is going to eat that poisoned rat or mouse, so we are careful with how we get rid of these critters.

This year I found these new traps and I just love them! They are way better than the old Victors (that’s the old wooden ones grandma used) The Catchmaster traps I think are the best, they are so easy to set and to take the mouse or rat out of. They come in three sizes. I have them all!

Catchmaster 2-Pack Snapper Easy Set Mouse Trap
In the past we have tried all kinds of makes and models of mouse and rat traps, some works OK and others not at all. These are by far the best, and very easy to set and very easy to remove the mice as well. The trap is built well, not flimsy at all.

Price: $19.90 (two pack) Mouse Trap

Price : $24.97 Rat Trap

What to use for Bait?

Rodents eat mostly nuts and seeds – I think the majority of people use peanut butter to bait the traps.

I have used peanut butter before, but I found if I put two or three pumpkin seeds in the well of these new traps works very well.

The older traps we used to wire on a nut or smear them with peanut butter, but we found often with the rats (they can be smart) they peanut butter would be gone and the trap still set. These new traps have a well so the rodent has to get the bait out of the well and that’s pretty hard to do without setting these traps off.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • This device is a quick and easy way to get rid of mice
  • The product is well built
  • Easy to set
  • Easy to release mice
  • Reasonably Priced


I honestly could not think of any cons.  I am so happy with this product that I wanted to let you all know.

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10 thoughts on “What’s the best rat trap”

  1. Thanks for this info about the best rat and mice traps. I really hate rats. Mice are not so bad. Your article is really timely because we have just have a mouse. Or maybe more than one.

    Is it true that it’s quite easy to catch a mouse, but it’s much harder to get rid of rats?

    • These traps are really great for both.  I hate the old wooden ones, you have touch the animal to get them out where these ones you don’t, and they are much easier to clean and reuse.  I used to just throw the old ones out mouse and all…..got pretty expensive at time.

  2. Since I have moved to my new apartment, rats have been my greatest enemy and I couldn’t be more grateful for you to have shared this with me. I actually like the fact that you even specify the things I can use as my bait. This is simply awesome with me. Thank you so much for sharing this out with me. I will get the catch master 2snipper right away. Thumbs up on this

  3. Certainly does look like a better mouse trap to me.  I’ve always used the wooden spring released mouse traps until recently.  And I hate how the blood from the mouse gets caught in the wood base and the mess involved in getting the remains out.

    The trap you reviewed looks far easier to use and clean.  If a need for such a trap arises again, I will definitely be getting this brand.  Right now we have 4 cats, so mice keep their distance from our little cabin in the woods.  That’s my current solution to the problem. 🙂

    • Hi Fraser,

      These traps are by far better than those old wooden ones.  I really didn’t like using them at all.   With 4 cats I’m sure you will be ok.  We have one at home, but she just can’t keep up with them this year.

  4. Hello Teresa, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I have mouses in my cellar and just like I don’t want to use poisons of any kind just because of safeness. I tried many traps but nothing worked so far, those critters are very intelligent. I will try your recommendation which is not expensive at all, I hope it will work.

    • I think you will like these traps, we have been trapping mice steady in them this year.  I don’t like using poison either especially out off grid for fear other animals or pets will get into it or eat a dead mouse or rat that has been poisoned.

  5. Hi  Teresa

    I always interested in people’s opinion on rat and mouse traps, as you can guarantee some time in your life you will deal with this problem. You can say that I have been blessed and have had to deal with both. I have tried both mouse and rat traps, with little success. The animal is question always seem to take the bait but not set the trap off. The only success I have especially with rats is poison, as this will control them.  The problem is that rats are becoming cleverer and getting good at avoiding all sorts of traps. With super rats becoming more of a problem means that more sophisticated means are required. What are we to do?

    Thanks for an interested review.


    • Hi Antonio

      We had always used peanut butter in the past, but I’m finding for some reason pumpkin seeds seem to attract them better.  Also with bigger rats like the pack rats we get here, it is good to attach the trap to something as they can some times take off trap and all.  thanks for stopping by the site and commenting


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