The Gardens


I am so looking forward to getting out and do some gardening, it’s been a long winter with lots of cold and snow this year.

On good thing is that we were able to get out on the snow machines and do some renovations on the small cabin.

That will be my office this summer as we start to renovate the old cabin.

In the fall the original homesteads garden area was tilled up to get ready for spring. Unfortunately I didn’t think to get pictures, but will do so in the spring.  The picture above is from the garden I grew a few years ago.

So the old homesteads garden was tilled up and then some cows showed up from I don’t know were and tromped through and fertilized it.  Good thing it happened then, so Nathan did a bit of fencing to keep them out.

Planting Garlic
The old homestead garden – picture taken in March 2017

We planted half of the garden in garlic so we will see what happens this year.  I’m sure it is going to be a chore trying to maintain it as the weeds have been growing freely for so many years. But it’s a start.

I have been gardening for a long time in cooler climates and will share what I have learned, as I plan and plant this new garden.

I will talk about gardens plans and companion planting.  I have learned over the years that companion planting can really help to increase your yield as well as product your vegetables from pests.

We strive to do things the natural way without chemicals, so companion planting has become a great asset to our gardens.

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