Rocket Stove Mass Heater

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Rocket Stoves

There are two types of Rocket Stoves – ones that your can cook on and then the Rocket Stove Mass Heater which will heat your living or work space.  This is the one will will be talking about, these heaters are like a furnace and can be used indoors as long as you have good ventilation.

A Rocket Stove Mass Heater could be just the perfect thing to heat your off grid cabin.

With this kind of heater your home will stay toasty warm for days while using about 80 % less wood, and the best thing is you can build this stove yourself in just a day or two.

What is a Rocket Mass Heater

rocket stove mass heater is a space heating system is a type of efficient wood-burning heater. Its has an insulated combustion chamber where wood is burned, and a large thermal mass where the exhaust gases absorbs most of the generated heat before the gases are released out.

Here are some really good plans for rocket stoves

Rocket Stove Ceramic Fiber Core Plans: Build your own super efficient rocket stove or heater core

Rocket Mass Heaters: Super efficient Woodstoves YOU Can Build

Below is a book if you are interested in building a Masonry out door cookstove, my Dad was a bricklayer so we had one of these wonderful stoves out on our deck growing up.

It was a great place for family gatherings or BBQ’s with friends


Walker Tiny Masonry Cook Stove Plans: Build your own super efficient wood cook stove


Below is the link to Plans and Builders Guides for a Masonry Rocket Mass Heater.

Rocket Stove PlansBatch Rocket Mass Heater Plans and Builder’s Guide: Build your own super efficient masonry heater

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