The lost Garlic – Fires of 2017

I wrote this a Year Ago (July 2017)

I’m not sure what to do now?  We would normally have the ideal conditions to plant garlic and let it grow on its own, this was our first year testing a plot on our off grid living homestead.

Boy did we not know what was going to happen……this is so far the second worst fire season since 1958 and soon to be the worst ever, fire season has just began and here we are at the 2nd worst.

We had been away on hoidays and when we returned we were unable to get home, finally home and Nathan came home today after being away for 3 weeks on holiday with me and then another 4 weeks working.  There was talk of the forestry closing the back country…..we needed to go thru it to get to our property.

I picked Nathan up at the airport which was earily quiet except for a couple Australian fire fighters ready to be deployed to another spot.  This is really the worst fire season I have seen.

We decided to head out to the cabin asap and see what conditions were and what things looked like, there have been many animals moving closer in, so that was a concern.

After getting out there and seeing that everything looked okay…other than the garlic that had obviously gone to seed.  The best thing we could do was leave, the ground just crunched under our feet because everything was so dry….we have decided the best time to return is this fall.

When we returned home, we found out that now there is a restriction on that will not allow us to return until the fires have calmed down and the weather is cooled off.

I’m glad to know that all is okay for today…..but we are certainly not out of the woods.  They are calling for thunder storms this weekend…..we are praying for lots of rain and no lightening

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